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No fixed installation required

Super easy to install and uninstall on your own

Mosquito, midges, flies and bugs proof mesh with 1mm holes

No damage to car surface upon removal

Improves vehicle ventilation

Screen can be left in place with the doors closed

Anti-glare/privacy screen/sunshade

10 extra pieces of iron with back tape which can be attached to any plastic areas of the vehicle

Material: polyester ultra tear-resistent

Screen can be open from inside and outside

We bought one flyscreen from you and I just want to say my wife and I both think it’s brilliant, thank you for such a useful product at a great price 👍

Ian and Sandy Berghofer

Absolutely unparalleled product. This is what I have been trying to find for such a loooong time! I’m super confident that these products will be the next big thing in the campervan industry. Thanks guys, this purchase made my day!

Steve Jordans

So freaking excited. Anyone with a van needs one of these. Ordered one for my Hiace and it fits perfect and sturdy and affordable.

Drew Fielden

We installed this instead of buying a fixed flyscreen. Easy in and easy out, magnets hold very nicely as well.

James William

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