Created by outsiders for outsiders.

With a deep passion to give the world more access to outdoor life, Living in a Bubble was founded in Burleigh Heads, Queensland in Australia. We believe our best selves, and therefore our best lives, are found in nature.

Living in a Bubble is far more than a campervan accessories brand. It is a lifestyle movement, a protest to cubicle living, and a call to experience the transformative power of nature. Our products are not only designed to make your life easier and your experience richer, but also to connect you to a community of like-minded individuals with a common need to be outdoors.

As we continue in our mission, we strive to make the world better by inspiring more individuals to regularly enjoy and respect nature. We hope our products enrich your experience and further deepen your connection to the world.

Join us in awakening a lifelong love of the outdoors and living a life you don’t need a holiday from. We hope to see you somewhere on the road!

Lots of love,

Mari, Fernando, and Bobby